Tui Na

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na (pronounced “twee na”) is an ancient form of massage originating in China several thousand years ago, likely a precursor to acupuncture. It forms one of the strands of Chinese Medicine which also include Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Herbs. A literal translation of Tui Na is “push grasp” which succinctly sums up the techniques in Tui Na. Whilst quite a vigorous form of massage, people almost universally report an increased sense of well being and relaxation after the massage.

What will a treatment involve?

A Tui Na treatment is typically 50 minutes in duration. Traditionally it is carried out over a cotton sheet. There is no requirement to remove clothes although loose comfortable clothing is recommended. Many of the techniques used resemble those of Western massage sucha svibration, plucking, kneading, tapping friction, gliding, pulling, rolling, pressing and shaking. In addition to these techniques Tui Na also uses gun fa or rolling which is pictured below and is the signature technique of this form of massage. All tui na practitioners will also have extensive knowledge of the acupuncture points and meridians used by acupuncturists