Ear Acupuncture

As well as having a degree in acupuncture I am also trained in the use of the NADA protocol, a set of 5 ear acupuncture points (sympathetic, shen men, liver, kidney lung) which are shown in the middle picture below.  The NADA protocol was first used in New York at the Lincoln Hospital and promoted by Michael Smith in the US to aid recovering drug addicts. NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.  It is traditionally seen to be most effective when combined with some form of talking therapy.  It has also been used as a front line therapy in disaster zones such as Hurricane Katrina.


Ear acupuncture has a long history with signs of its usage in ancient China although recent mappings were developed by Nogier in the 1950s in France.  The US military also developed a system called “Battlefield Acupuncture” designed to target pain.

The ear can also be used as a micro-system of the body as shown in the right hand picture above.